Swimwear Designed with Positive

Body Image and Self-appreciation in mind.

Free shipping to Singapore! Malibu appeals to Janiqueel and other avid beach-lovers.

Everybody can rock a bikini, swimsuit, unicorn onesie… whatever floats your boat. If you wear it with confidence, you will look hot. 

Iskra Lawrence

…and, Iskra, rocking new clothes can make you feel great as well a looking hot. I know, I’ve tried! With that attitude in mind and my usual instincts to promote self-love and be body-positive, and with a beach holiday in the offing, I came upon Malibu Beachwear, a Malaysian online boutique eager to make an impression here in Singapore. Founded by a talented, artsy entrepreneur, Jane Fong, the site features several styles of swimwear as well as beachwear designed and built with the tropics and vacationers, like me, in mind. In answering Janiqueel’s questions and in a Vulcan Post online magazine article, Fong describes the impetus and results of her daring venture into the fashion scene in Southeast Asia. Some highlights:

  • from Vulcan Post – “It’s cliché,” she admitted, “But I just wanted to introduce a label of swimwear that looked good and felt good without needing to be exorbitantly priced. Malibu Beachwear was launched while running an online clothing brand I had previously, which had been going on for almost 9 years at the time, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.”
  • From Janiqueel’s questioning – How do you publicize the online boutique? “ It started with word of mouth, from loyal followers and customers from my previous clothing brand. Transitioning to being an independent swimwear label has taught me a whole lot of things and with the ever-changing shift of what works and what doesn’t in this era has kept me on my toes. I try to make things interesting and relatable to my followers, being authentic and genuine in what we do as well as occasionally staying in touch with our followers and customers by having polls and questions on our social media platforms. 

Showing both one- and two-piece swimsuits, Malibu offers an estimable range of color, patterns, and styles. I was caught by the creative names and descriptions of the swimwear – “MELIA Scoop Bandeau in Pagoda Blue;” “PALOMA One-Piece in Dark Magenta;” “TARGA Scoop Bandeau in Ebony Black;” “TULUM Plunge One-Piece in Hammam.” Aren’t those names exotic? I’m taking my positive body-image (and my son) to the beach! The styles are elegant and the materials quietly colorful. These are suits for the sophisticated, young (say, 20’s and 30’s) young sun-worshipper. Have a peek. Warning: You’re going to love them: 


To complement the alluring beachwear styles is an array of “resortwear” — Net Bags, Over Swims, Sun Wraps, and Kaftans. No worries — they are all light and easily-tuckable into the corners of your traveling bag.

Queried about the models that appear on Malibu’s website, Jane Fong neatly encapsulated another theme of the products, “At Malibu Beachwear, we aim to create a vibe that is as chilled out as possible in order for our customers to feel comfortable shopping in. As we are online based, it is a little harder than if we were to have a retail outlet. Therefore, it is pretty important that we let our customers know that they can shop at Malibu Beachwear for their vacation outfits without having a hard time imagining themselves in the pieces we carry.”  

Having been kind enough to answer Janiqueel’s questions about Malibu, let Jane Fong have the last word about her vibrant contribution to the tropical fashion world:

What are your hopes for Malibu Beachwear in the next three years?

I have not thought so far ahead because we have just transitioned to a full-fledged independent swimwear label this year (2019) and we are still working a lot on the year 2020. I would say my vision has always been to bring Malibu Beachwear to greater heights of being recognized as a brand that women will be able to find “The Perfect Bikini” and love the creations in our swimwear collections.

Would you like to add anything else?

Just a short introduction on Malibu :

The MALIBU brand was established in 2012, born from our love of travel, beach getaways, and island wear. What started as a passion project with a humble selection of beachwear offerings and a dream, has grown into an even stronger passion project with more diverse shelves, all-original designs and resort-wear creations, and even bigger dreams.

Thank you, Jane Fong!

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