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Janiqueel explores the utensils and formulas to keep a baby healthy and happy. 

We believe in “Smile, Love, Professional” business spirit; [standing by] parents’ side to create more humane care and technological products. Teach parents the modern baby care knowledge and the correct method of using baby products to fulfil our business mission.

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Featuring the brands SIMBA and NUTURA under its colourful umbrella, Ucare Pro is relatively new to the Singapore market. In Malaysia for five years, Ucare designs its products with health and safety upper-most in their credo. Sales Manager, Kelvin Choo, was kind to answer our queries about the company. I’ll share some of his insights while giving an overview of its products. Kelvin Choo helped us understand what the bottles are made from:

With a vibrant range of baby-care essentials like bottles, pacifiers, tableware, mosquito repellent, cleaners, dental care, wipes and teethers, the SIMBA mark lends itself to products that can cheerfully find a place in the supply cart of caring parents. For instance, the feeding bottle series features a variety of Dorothy wonderland designs in many shapes and colours. Grab handles, easy-clean caps and straws, short tall, skinny, plump – picky parents will find just the right bottle for home use or exploration.


Kelvin choo gave us an insight into what the bottles are made from:

PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) is the highest performing thermoplastic that gives better durability and heat tolerance than PP and PES. Not only can it withstand continuous exposure to heat and have the extreme capability to absorb impact. PPSU plastic does not absorb odour or colour. It is naturally BPA free.

So, rest assured that the bottles will withstand every bump and bruise, toss and tumble that a youngster can give it. They are tough and safe. Once used and re-used, the bottles need a good wash. Organic Green Tea Bottle Cleanser smells so good, you might be tempted to drink it. Janiqueel’s advice? DON’T! Have a cup of green tea while cleansing, if you like, then go about cleaning with this pleasant-smelling soap. Removing stains and odours,  it is a useful go-to product around the kitchen. Not only for bottles, it gently and thoroughly cleans pacifiers, bottle nipples, toys, vegetables, food containers and processors.

In action to many baby-care products, UCare supplies mosquito repellent in several forms. In these dengue-days here in Southeast Asia, keeping the little pest away from tots and parents is vital. Tested and certified safe for babes and adults, comes in spray, wipes, or roll-on. And, unless you are a mosquito, it smells good.

Another line of products for UCare is the Nutura Formula Milk. For moms who can’t breastfeed or decide not to, the formula is a healthy, convenient option. With specialized ingredients for tots to infants.

Nutura formula is scientifically developed to include the highest level of key nutrients and nutrition to support a baby’s healthy growth and development. It contains all essential nutrient included DHA, ARA, and Lutein. Besides that, in nutura formula, it also contains prebiotics, FOS and GOS, which will help to promote a healthy gut and prevent constipation problem.

Another benefit is that the formula is sugar and corn glucose-free. Let your baby grow without a sweet tooth. She/he will be happier and healthier thanks to your proactive care and concern.

Happy. Healthy. Colourful, and cool – UCare for the wee ones and those who love them.

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