Wholesome Giggles Bébé Bunny Whilly Whale review

Janiqueeel looks at a company and its Oh-So-Cute products devoted to sensual awareness, fulfilment, and FUN, BABY!

To have a healthy relationship you need to pay attention to what you feel, what you want and need. Ask for it. This is not selfish. This is necessary.

Healthy Giggles

Maybe you wondered – we here at Janiqueel did – where the name “Wholesome Giggles” came from and what it implies. Always eager to go right to the source for information, we asked Ms Tan of Wholesome Giggles team to feed our information-hungry curiosity. Her reply exemplifies the positive, good-natured credo of the company. She explains that it is

a brand name that we recognised as emotional, physical and sensual. The overall wellness of a being. Giggles in this context is a woman being happy and satisfied by herself, with her partner or as a couple. By smiling using your lips, we also recognise that women should be vocal and communicate openly with their partners to achieve “Giggles” together.

That’s it. Overall wellness in a world that finally is accepting that women and men can achieve sensual happiness alone or together. Communication is key, either with a partner or with yourself. ‘Giggles’, because fulfilment is a delight to celebrate. ‘Wholesome’ because for once in a long. Long time we (at least most of us in the first world) are in a place time where we can doff the cloak of guilt and celebrate a brand new day.

Here to help us celebrate with our soon-to-be besties, Whilly Whale and Bébé Bunny. Just one look at these charming, pocket-sized pets will start to put you in a humorous accepting frame of mind. With a little pair of ears and a pleasingly plump round, smooth body, the little Bunny is winsomely ready to be your intimate friend. Not to be outdone, Whilly Whale has a pair of tiny pectoral fins and caudal fin (tail) made for massage.

Not to forget – they vibrate, as well. Whilly Whale has three pulse settings. Bébé Bunny has TEN, yes TEN “10 delectable escalation functions”. Call me impressionable, but I get a sensation just describing what these teeny animals can do for me, for us, for YOU. With USB rechargers these pets are perfect for travel (Remember travel? It will come again, trust Janiqueel.) Having a party? Invite your new silicone pals to join you and your flesh and blood BFFs. Add a chilled white wine. We are talking PARTAY! Dream about it now with ONE of your friends, then wait somewhat patiently until our newest lock-down ends. It will happen, trust Janiqueel.

Speaking of dreaming, Ms Tan makes the connection between sleep, arousal, and orgasmic release. It’s natural. Arousal, heavy breathing, muscle contraction and release, desire and achievement – all of these demand concentration and exercise. And when it ends, as all really good things must, there is calm and deep-breathing. You are becoming very sleepy. Relax. Dream of whales and bunnies. 

Good Night Sweetheart. 

You can visit wholesomegiggles.com for more about their products.

Research and writing help from JKJ.

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