Wonderful Heart of Darkness Celebrates

Free flow of Award-winning Beer or Food From All New Menu Featuring Bestsellers from Saigon

Multi-award winning Vietnamese craft brewery Heart of Darkness celebrates the third anniversary of their first restaurant outside of hometown Saigon – Heart of Darkness Singapore (the ‘Taproom’ or ‘Restaurant’), this month. Festivities will be marked with a weekend of events including:

  1. Free flow of Heart of Darkness craft beer including acclaimed and limited brews for SGD 88++ on
    Saturday and four beer pairings for SGD 30++ as an add-on to food bookings on Sunday
  2. Free flow of food for SGD 58 ++ on Sunday from the all-new modern Tex-Mex-inspired menu including bestsellers from Heart of Darkness flagship restaurant in Saigon
24th September 2022, Saturday25th September 2022, Sunday
Free flow Heart of Darkness beersFree flow food* + Beer Flight
• $88++ per pax
• Three-hour seating per reservation
• $58++ per pax for free flow food and top up $30++
for 4 beer pairing flight.
• Three-hour seating per reservation
*Family-sized sharing platters not included.
^ Reservation recommended.

3rd Anniversary Party @ Heart of Darkness
Date: 24th (Saturday) and 25th (Sunday) September 2022
Address: 1 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089109
Tel: +65 6208 7940
Reservation: https://www.heartofdarknessbrewery.com.sg/pages/reservation

1. Free Flow Beer on Sat (SGD 88++) and Four Beer Pairings on Sun (Add on 30++)

An award-winning brewery, Heart of Darkness has created over 600 beers since its inception in 2016. What started as a homebrew, Heart of Darkness has evolved to be an internationally acclaimed craft beer brand with multiaward winning brews such as Dream Alone Pale Ale, Kurtz’s Insane IPA and Director’s Chocolate Stout.

Heart of Darkness beers are sold globally in cans, bottles and kegs, and fresh brews are available on the 25 taps in the restaurant in Singapore and Saigon.

The brewery continues to get its beer and creative juices flowing through local and international collaborations.

For two nights only, the taproom will be serving

  1. free flow of craft beers including acclaimed and limited brews for SGD 88++ on Saturday, 24 September
  2. four beer pairings by the beer-geek team to add on to free-flow food bookings on Sunday, 25 September, for just SGD 30++.

#Enterthedarkness and indulge in the beverage and spirit that started it all: Beer and good cheer.

2. Free Flow Food (including New Menu Highlights)

Specially curated for the discerning palettes in Singapore, the latest menu adds new modern dimensions to the popular, hearty Texan-Mexican (“Tex-Mex”) cuisine with a splash of colours and an Asian twist, using local farm fresh ingredients.

“The new menu aims to thrill the palettes of globetrotting Singaporeans and expats. We hope to introduce American-inspired comfort food with a modern Asian twist in terms of preparation and cooking techniques as well as visual vibrancy,” shares Mr. Gerald Lim, General Manager, Heart of Darkness Singapore, who has more than ten years of food and beverage experience.

The third anniversary aims to celebrate the milestones in beer and also its journey in food with definitive Heart of Darkness’ vivacity and revelry. For one-day only – 25th September 2022, Sunday, the Restaurant will be serving free flow of food for SGD 58++. New menu includes bestselling comfort items like classic chargrilled burgers and salads, recipes hailed from Saigon.

Some highlights of the new menu include:

  1. Nachos
    A classic Tex-Mex favourite and a popular bar bite. It is a hearty snack comprising tortilla chips, guacamole, sour cream, cheese sauce, jalapeños, pico de gallo and cilantro to whet the appetite.
  2. Tacos
    Great for big groups, the Tacos platter comes with choice of eight tacos with four fillings to choose from:
    Vegetarian Taco
    Spicy roasted jackfruit, guacamole, fried onions, pico de gallo, soft corn tortillas.
    Fish Taco
    Beer battered fish, guacamole, tartar sauce, soft corn tortillas.
    Pork Taco
    Pulled pork, lettuce, salsa, taco sauce, soft corn tortillas.
    Lamb Taco
    Braised lamb, mint slaw, jalapeño, mint yogurt sauce, soft corn tortillas.
  3. Wings Selection
    Heart of Darkness wings are brined to retain tenderness before deep frying and marinating to perfection. Wings selection comes with five different marinades to choose from:
    Banana Mango Jalapeno Sauce
    Caramelised Fish Sauce
    Curry Tomato Sauce
    Ginger Teriyaki Miso Sauce
    Spicy Buffalo Sauce
  4. Chargrilled Fresh Calamari
    A refreshing small plate of chargrilled whole fresh squid with pico de gallo and Thai chimichurri. Fresh cucumber and mango add a dash of colours to this salsa dish bursting with umami flavours familiar across cultures.
  5. Okonomiyaki Fries
    Destined to be a crowd pleaser, Okonomiyaki Fries is our interpretation of east meets west. Crispy, fluffy fries are
    dressed with okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese aioli, bonito flakes, nori, green onion, sesame seeds.
  6. Ceviche
    A local interpretation of the Peruvian dish popular in Singapore, barramundi is house-cured for 2-hours with lime juice, lime leaves and coconut water. Dish is dressed vibrantly with red onion, pineapples, jalapeños and cilantro. A splash of coconut cream adds texture to the dish. Comes with squid ink tortilla chips.
  7. Chargrilled Char Siew Beef Short Rib
    A new rendition and key highlight of the new menu: 750g bone-in beef short ribs is sous vide for 14 hours in a special Heart of Darkness BBQ marinade. Flavours of the marinade melded with fat and natural juices of the meat
    make the dish an unmistakeable must-order.
  8. Burgers (Bestsellers in Saigon)
    The bestsellers hailing from Heart of Darkness flagship Restaurant in Saigon are now in Singapore! Using brioche bun, all burgers use 70% lean and 30% fat, dry-aged Australian beef patties chargrilled to perfection.
    Americano Classico Burger
    Chargrilled Australian beef patty, romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese, roasted garlic aioli.
    Pepe El Toro
    Chargrilled Australian beef patty, spicy chipotle, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, jalapeño.
    Black & Bleu
    Chargrilled Australian beef patty, bacon onion jam, fried onion, roasted garlic aioli, blue cheese sauce.

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