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10 amazing ways celebrate LEGOLAND Malaysia

Janiqueel and Mx C have a ball celebrating a birthday with ten-year-old Legoland. 

With a bucket of Legos, you can tell any story. You can build an aeroplane or a dragon or a pirate ship – it’s whatever you can imagine.

Christopher Miller

Always full of excitement, action, fun, and laughter, Legoland Malaysia is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Can you believe it? Better than ever, the facilities and activities are full on now that the worst of the COVID days are behind us, it’s clear that lego-lovers aware as eager as we are to get out and celebrate the dawn of a new day at Legoland. With five-year-old Mx C at hand to express a child’s joy at the colourful and educational fun at Legoland.

Here are TEN ways to best appreciate the fun and games:

10th Birthday Lucky Draw

Hey, here’s a chance to win prizes with  RM$50,000. You are eligible to spin the big prize wheel whenever you spend RM 99 or more at any Legoland store. Buy some great, exclusive merch., show the receipt and spin, Baby, Spin. C’mon, you can do it. You might even win another stay at Legoland.

Build Your Very Own LEGO DOTS Mosaic

Lego Dots Mosaic is a cool, almost magical, way to turn a photo into an artistic rendering based on a mosaic concept. Sure, Lego is a toy, but it is also a craft giving the user a path to artistic crafts of all sorts. When your masterpiece is finished, it will be displayed in the Lego Booth for all to enjoy.

Best Birthday LIVE Shows

are always happening at Legoland. Audience participation (if you want to) is always a key part of the shows led by colourful characters dressed in fun, wild, wild outfits. Made to feel really special on that special day, girls, boys, women and men are invited to share a memorable day.

Birthday Weekend Special Dance Party (15th – 18th Sept)

Take a deep breath at the beginning, because this dance party lasts for a whole hour STRAIGHT. Gonna be wild, and a bit exhausting. You’ll deserve a large glass of water and a tasty treat after dancing with the stars – you will be one of the stars! Party ‘til you drop with your favourite Lego characters all dressed up and ready to shake it, Baby!

Go Home with Amazing Prizes

When you enter the ‘Land, one of the friendly hosts will show you a list of many activities in which you can compete with other guests to win prizes to take home. As you compete, you will have a lot of fun – A LOT of FUN!

Birthday Kids Go Free

If it is your birthday week and if you are 11 or below, you’ll get into the park for FREE as long as you are with a ticketed adult. The groovy button badge identifies you as the Birthday Kid. It comes with a $20 retail voucher. You’ll want to visit the 12-foot-tall Anniversary Cake on your birthday. 90,000 LEGO DUPLO Bricks form the cake which took 320 hours to build. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Triple Park Pass Birthday Child Brings their Friend for Free

If you have a Triple Park Annual Pass,  you can bring a buddy for free to enjoy your birthday celebration, too. That’s just one more piece in the birthday celebration aimed to make the Birthday Kid’s smile a giant one.

10% off on F&B for Annual Pass Holders

Amid the fun and games, a girl or guy is bound to get a little hungry and thirsty. You’ll find plenty of F&B outlets in the Land. For Annual Pass holders (those lucky people!), Legoland offers a 10% discount on food and drinks. Enjoy the snacks and meals, as you enjoy the many benefits of your Annual Pass.

Exclusive Gift with Purchase Offer on LEGO Playset purchase

is there a better birthday (or any day) present than a Lego Playset? NOPE. For educational fun, it gets no better than a Lego Playset. Purchase one at Legoland and receive an EXCLUSIVE GIFT. 

Show Guide

There are a ton of programs always happening at the ‘Land. Use the guide to find places and times for NINJAGO & The Realm of Shadows live puppet performance, Friends Anniversary Special, Wizard Surprise Party, the ever-popular interactive Magic Show, and more – much more. 

Enjoying all the activities and the overall joyful atmosphere of Legoland, Mx C only wished that it would have been his birthday. Hmmm … I think I know where to go next 15 March!

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Writing and research help by JKJ

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