Z SCULPT Turning Fat to Muscle. Not Magic – Science!

Janiqueel Gives Z SCULPT a try for a specific issue – Her Left Knee

If BAD MOVEMENT got you into pain, then GOOD MOVEMENT will get you out of pain.

Gary Gray

Dancing did it. Enjoying the first day of the cruise, I joined a few other travellers on the ship’s small dance floor. I hopped. I jived. I leapt. I enjoyed, until… There I was sitting on my butt as the other dancers danced. “Can you help me over to the bench?” I asked my friend. Ten seconds earlier I had hopped, jived, and leapt. Now my left knee could support no weight. What happened? 

My kneecap had slid out of place. That sounds so mundane, but it was a problem that took crutches, some pain, physical therapy, and months to resolve. Now, two years later, when I wear a short skirt and look in the mirror, it’s clear that my left leg is still a bit smaller, less toned, than my right. Much less noticeable than shortly after the incident, one would have to look closely now to even notice the difference. That said, I can tell that the left leg is a tad weaker than the right. I’ve had to give the Olympics a miss this time around. 

But seriously… it’s a small problem, but one that has the potential to become bigger as time goes by. Deciding to try some therapy, I looked into S Sculpt offered by TM Medical Aesthetics in Novena. I am not fat, but even so, the extra jiggles in my left leg could be transformed, with help over time, into toned muscle. Of course, the Z Sculp is just the beginning,. I need to keep up my regular regimen of aerobic exercise, yoga, swimming and all the other activities I enjoy. 

Aptly named, “Svelte Touch” the therapy is a combination of  High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) and High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), an electro-based painless procedure that gradually, over a few sessions, turns fat into muscle. No, it’s not a miracle, but rather a first step in regaining muscle tone and vibrancy. The procedure is painless. I lay there contentedly as the vibrations softly caressed both of my legs. Looking a bit like Frankenstein’s monster, I had two sizeable electro-wands situated just above both knees. Sure I know something was happening to me, but I passively let it happen. 

Was it the power of suggestion? Maybe, but after the procedure, I already felt a new zip in my step. It’s probably a good thing that the pandemic has temporarily shuttered the local dance spots or I might have headed immediately to the nearest. “Easy, Janiqueel,” I said to myself. Let time do its work, and gradually watch both legs match and muscle tone return to those pre-dancing days of not-so-long-ago. My issue was a small one, admittedly. Nevertheless, it was an issue and one that needed attention now, before it became a larger one. For those who have similar issues, or for those who simply want to see fat persuaded into being muscle for aesthetic reasons, Z Sculpt is a first step in the process of rejuvenation — turning bad movement into good movement.

I tried it. I liked it.

You can visit www.tmmedicalaesthetics.com for more information.

Research and writing help from JKJ.

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