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Japan! What is not to like about such an enchanted place! We have heard about Japan’s culture since school, through books, or movies. We know about their marvelous technology, but traditions met in the same place. Who hasn’t read at least about their cuisine and how it is spread around the world! Even about their fauna and flora and try to have a sample in our gardens.

Japan, just by itself, offers possibilities that will remain in our memories and hearts, and why not device’s memories or, even better, in a scrapbook!

Let’s find out a closer look at all of its glory to invite you to travel there in different ways in the meantime that you can make it possible!


A breathtaking Japanese island popular among tourists that changes its color based on the season! From a light blue to gorgeous green. This magical pond even changes with the blow of the wind or if it is a cloudy or rainy day. An amazing cuisine, but foremost its incomparable seafood.


Its lively festivals and also great seafood will steal your heart! A museum that comes to life to show you its beloved summer festival, and also visitors can admire the previous parade floats! And do not leave without trying their nokkedon!

Photo of Akita by Ken Cheung


Samurai history that you can get to know first hand. A rich history connected to the Samurai period, experience the old culture and architecture, some of the shops that are still open, and traditional techniques on cuisine that will make you travel in time!


Where you can find traditional food challenges and heavenly beaches that will blow you away! An idyllic scenery and considered the most beautiful beach with white sand but also green pines and shocking rocks! Try their delicious and original Wanki soba!


Innovation and tradition mixed to offer a unique kind of cuisine! Not to mention that it holds the Guinness Record Aquarium! Try their traditional Imoni!


What life in there! A tiny island with a feline community! Also known as the Cat Island! An island full of them and fishermen and breathtaking ocean views! Look for good luck visiting their Cat Sanctuary, and don’t forget to eat their simple but amazing zunda mochi.


Get a look at old Japan by walking through this place’s streets and peculiar cutlery! The surroundings blessed with beautiful mountain scenery help to make the atmosphere even more picturesque and harmonic but shocking! Inside their characteristic houses, you can find restaurants and shops.


A beautiful natural landscape and fascinating attractions with 12 castles to catch, one of the biggest summer festivals, and the third-largest lake!


What not to see or like about this emblematic place! One of the most visited among tourists, divided into 23 wards with a great highlight that attracts people around the world, also an old town with the oldest Buddhist temple, from bustling nightlife to peaceful gardens, Tokyo will never stop amazing you!


With attractive nature spots and traditions, historical shrines and temples, famous resorts, and even a volcano!

11. CHIBA:

A perfect place to live for locals and visitors with a very peaceful environment. Close to a sandy beach to enjoy watersports, a sacred temple to visit, and a popular theme park.


Another popular commuter town, peaceful with scenic spots of nature where to enjoy calm rivers and spectacular views.

13. GUNMA:

A small prefecture that you can reach in less than an hour from Tokyo. With one of the hot spring resorts and health benefits. You can visit. A silk factory, a spiritual spot, and a historical shrine with giant rocks.

Photo Tochigi by katsuma tanaka


With the most popular sightseeing spot worth visiting, historic structures, and a scenic waterfall with also a stunning view.


In the north of the Kanto area, it offers nature and relaxing experiences. A national park will wait for you to offer a large collection of flowers on a small mountain with two separate peaks with several hiking places. Don’t miss the waterfalls of this amazing place.


The largest producer of rice and scenic rice fields. Also an ideal destination for winter sports due to the heavy snowfall in winter and the long season at that high elevation. Enjoy the soft snow, fresh seafood, the many sake brands, and a scenic drive in the Rice Terraces.

17. AICHI:

The most developed prefecture, skyscrapers, and districts, with a landmark castle, with local dishes, you can delight yourself in the outside, visit the remote islands and explore the beautiful nature.


Famous for green tea and mild climate, with the tallest mountain, a safari park, and emerald green water.

19. MIE:

Home of Japan’s most sacred Shinto, ancient pilgrimage trails, a huge garden with a variety of flowers and plants, and a huge view in winter!


Home to the northern part of Mount Fuji, and the Fuji Five Lakes, where you can find hotels, resorts, camping sites, and a lot more to explore with a small village with traditional Japanese buildings and beautiful ponds.


A mountainous prefecture that counts with a large production of fruits, with amazing ski resorts and beautiful snowy landscapes. The Matsumoto Castle an iconic landmark with huge historical value and is recognized as a cherry blossom spectacle.

Photo GIfu by Hyungman Jeon

22. GIFU:

Another tourist attraction is UNESCO heritage with houses preserved in perfect condition surviving for centuries.


This magnificent place that faces the Sea of Japan, that if you visit them in autumn, the mountains turn into several colors. In winter you will get to see the beach covered with snow.


With a number of historical spots, and a castle located at the heart of the city with one of the great green gardens with a variety of plants and historical structures.

25. FUKUI:

Relatively small prefecture, with a world-famous dinosaur Museum. Cliffs with rock formations and pathways to walk and take the best pictures!

26. SHIGA:

The largest freshwater lake in Japan, Hikone with a known castle is a very popular destination among tourists and is a Buddhist temple.

27. KYOTO:

The ancient capital of Japan, with famous historical spots, temples, and shrines; the golden temple is covered with gold leaves with a beautiful bamboo forest next to the most relaxing zen gardens.


Welcomes tourists with a number of scenic and sacred spots with nearby waterfalls, places to hike, and spend a refreshing summer break.

29. NARA:

Connected by train with Kyoto, you can enjoy old temples and shrines. Houses a huge Great Buddha that stands 15 meters tall and has a peaceful smile on his face, and a lot more historical important sites.

30. OSAKA:

The second-largest metropolitan city in Japan, its Castle is worth a visit. Owns a valuable collection of exhibits, try the local specialties at the food stalls and restaurants with unique food cultures.

Photo Hyogo by Sergio _snaps

31. HYOGO:

With an iconic castle known for its beauty, also one of the oldest resorts in the region, another castle with no buildings! Do not forget to try the delicious Kobe beef with a tremendous flavor.


The business and economic center in the region, Miyajima is another popular spot famous for the big red tori. This small island will amaze you with exciting experiences.


Famous for its fresh blowfish, connected to the main island many people will escape for a getaway.


Largest sand dunes in Japan creating unique scenery. Explore the desert, the sand Museum, a boat cruise, giant cliffs and so more.


One of the oldest and greatest shrines, a Castle designated as a natural treasure, and cherry blossom viewing.

36. KOCHI:

This place covers various mountain areas and coastlines which makes it the perfect destination for the ones that look for adventurous experiences.

37. EHIME:

Includes small islands, it has castles, temples, and onsen. And please, do not leave without trying the fresh seafood!


Even though is the smallest prefecture, it will surprise you with a number of attractive spots; also full of art and is home to impressive art museums.


Not as popular as other destinations, it will surprise you with its many hidden spots. Look for all of these attractions and don’t get full by the size of this great place.


The most urbanized prefecture, large population, and business districts. The local food is something worth trying as well as the sacred places.

41. SAGA:

You can see the countryside life in Japan, famous for its porcelain and archaeological sites.

Photo Nagasaki by Hiroyoshi Urushima


An exotic atmosphere influenced by western countries and hilly areas. Gardens that will allow you to take a relaxing stroll, to wrap up, a cluster of scenic islands!


One of the most popular destinations in Kyushu, known as the land of water, is also the home of the largest active volcano. Go and visit the waterfalls and get the chance to also see dolphins.

44. OITA:

With a large mountain ideal for hiking, unique waterfalls, ancient temples, shrines, and statues.


With sacred spots, and warm weather, a power spot formed by the lava, offers a stunning view of the valley.


Known for its volcano, a beautiful island with hiking trails, a trekking spot, and the famous natural sand baths.


If the first thing that came to your mind was Karate Kid, then we are experiencing the same feeling about this gorgeous place! Offers totally different adventures and experiences, with general warm weather and a pleasant subtropical climate. Home to a UNESCO World Heritage, with remote islands and marine sports. You must try its tasty local dishes!

So as I told you before, this place is a total winner when it comes to amazing and surprising you. Its popularity is not a myth. Everything Japan has to offer is worth spending!

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