Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Stylin’ Down the Street – Mr. C and ME

My theory is, ‘Happy Mommy, happy baby.’

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‘Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack in Birch / Macaron’ is a lot of name for a diaper bag. It’s a lot of diaper bag. Elegant and practical; capacious and discreet; clever and intuitive, this backpack is a fashion statement as well as Mom’s well-stocked personal assistant. I was attracted as soon as I saw the Birch / Macaron colour option, but there are plenty of options in both printed and plain fabrics. Take your choice. Just know that many discerning acquaintances have commented favourably on my Birch/Macaron. Just sayin’.

‘Boxy’ in the ungainly name might imply some fashion-loss, but the advantage of the design is that the backpack doesn’t look clumsy. In fact, it looks kind of svelte, sleek – well,  maybe not, but very nice-looking for a voluminous diaper bag. Yet it holds all that needs to be held to take care of Baby on the road. I road-tested in the company of Mr. C, the official child of It works! Very well, in fact. Here’s some of the reasons why:

  • Fashioned from glaze coated canvas, the bag is easy to wipe clean and durable. Small scratches and discolorations usually wipe off keeping the bag bright attractive. Full disclosure – on occasion, janiquel has spilled.

  • Attached to the PPBBB, a changing pad stays put with the help of he weight in the Pak. The pad itself is removable for cleaning. A very cool feature. When considering a purchase, watch this to see how this works. Featuring a CUTE BABY!

  • Thick and comfortable, the pad cushions the hard surfaces that Mr.C encounters on his urban adventures with his favourite mom.

  • Containing plenty of pockets and corners for storage of baby items as well as my nail polish, pocket mirror, phone charger, powerpack, candy bar, makeup essentials, etc. All necessities without which Mr. C would not, and should not,  leave home.

  • Strong and wear-resistant, the good quality is evident at first touch. When my diaper bag-toting days are behind me, with the PPBBB still hearty, I see half bottles of wine in those exterior bottle holders quick access); humus and baguettes in the main compartment with smoked salmon, fruit, and chutney close by. Oh – and pecans and walnuts. Petunia Pickle Bottom Picnic! Come on, Mr. C!

  • Straps flip and flop intuitively to provide functionality and comfort. Easy instructions are included or, you guessed it, online.

  • Attachable to many models, Stroller Straps are a recent innovative complement to the PPBBB.

  • Sylin’ down the street – Mr. C and ME!


I’ve mentioned Happy Fish is a previous post. The Official Child and I are big fans of his swim club for the tiny set. We go at least once a week. We get wet as do our togs. Inevitable, I suppose. After our refreshing time in pool, it is one of those small joys that life sometime supplies in the most unassuming of venues to place our soggy suits in the waterproof confines of the P. Pickle. We will unpack when at home, then we will eat. I’m hungry after that swim. Mr. C? Like Mommy, like Official Kid. We will eat.

No down sides, right? Well…a few users remark negatively on the zipper and fabric quality. Some mention the high price – US$189 = S$258. Some think it’s too big.  Generally, though, people who have the backpack are glowing in their praise. They like the size and capacity of this rather large bag. They like the colours available and the easy-to-clean fabrics. They like the quality and engineering. Not cheap, however, this backpack diaper bag. “Recommend,” say most of the user responses that I skimmed. ‘Worth the cost,’ they implied.

I love my Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack in Birch/Macaron. The name does not yet roll from my tongue when touting its virtues to friends. Soon it will. I remind them, ‘2028 – Picnic Bag!

‘C’mon, Mr. C!’ I’ll shout on that instant day,  ‘Help me carry it!’

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