The Best Gifts We Want to Give in 2021

‘Tis the season, but who needs a reason?? Janiqueel explores unique ideas for giving that won’t break your bank.

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, are all good excuses for giving a special gift. As if you needed an excuse! Below is a selection of gifts that are personal because they are unique. Each carries love because each has been lovingly selected for a unique person. Have fun shopping and giving and FEELING GOOD!

It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

Mother Teresa

France Luxe Hair Accessories

Wearing France Luxe headband and Truth & All eyewear

Sometimes my hair looks so good that I just get the urge to take it out and greet the world. I primp; I comb; I brush. Then…  I ACCESSORIZE! You’ll find no better place to shop for any kind of hair accompaniment that you can think of than France Luxe. Small, women-owned and women-run, France Luxe is the site for unique, stylish adornments for your hair.

Chrono Collection | Redefine time With Style

Time for some serious bling! Here’s some serious watch bling – About time! With collection titles like “Rainbow Unicorn”, “Starking”, “Cotton Candy”, Chronoak”, and more, you know these are NOT your typical watches. These are built to sparkle and impress as they demand attention from your mates. We’re talking about a FUN way to know the time. Take time to a whole new level with a unique TIMELY GIFT!

Malabar Baby | Authenticity Matters

Mr C and mama wearing matching Malabar Baby pjs in Pink City color

For textiles designed with the wee ones in mind, you can’t do better than Malabar Baby, baby! For bath time, playtime, blankets, swaddles, and loungewear (for babies and their parents, too) Malabar Baby is a delightful-named and exquisitely crafted destination for cosiness and style inspired by international cultures. Cairo, Erawan, Miami, Kyoto, Seminyak, and Pink city are some of the collection names. You don’t need a ticket, just jump on board!

Simply Life | Life’s Little Favours

For babies, kids, and women, Simply Life is all about simple, yet stunning textile designs for the casual life of infants, kids, and women with style. Bamboo sheets and towels personalized, if you choose) make perfect, trendy gifts. Unique and earth-friendly, they are a gift to earth and to YOU and your special mates. Rompers, pajamas, underwear, masks – we’re just getting started. Start a trend with Simply Life gifts.

Cloversoft | Sustainable convenience for home or businesses

Becoming a familiar brand in stores all around Singapore, Cloversoft works to make eco-friendly, safe products household staples. Because they work, and because they have a sound environmental strategy underlying all, Cloversoft products are changing homes and F&B outlets FOR THE BETTER. Saving trees and polar bears, while providing good jobs for bamboo workers, the company is right on the cutting edge of the new consumer frontier. 

Indosole – Iconic Flip-flops

Mr C and mama matching IndoSole pollen

Turning tires to treads, Indosole is committed to recycling old auto tires into new, cutting edge fashion casual flip-flops, slides, and cross sandals. They have styles for men, women, and kids, as well as some really fun tote bags. For the beach and beyond, you’ll find something here to spice up your casual life with a smile on your lovely face thinking about how you are contributing to earth’s sustainability.


Hola, Mexico! Let the spirit of the enchanted country into your life with authentic embroidery crafted by indigenous artisans. Especially styled for women and kids, the designs are as bright and vibrant as the Mexican sky. The embroidery is brilliant on a bright white fabric, but that’s only the beginning. There is also a range of prints and colours just waiting to accompany the authentic hand-made patterns. 

GLOHS Organic Skincare

Built ONLY from natural ingredients like calendula, neroli, sacha inca, maca root, fermented sake, and many more, Glohs aims to help you look your best while doing no harm to the environment. Balms, cleansers, creams, gels, toners, and serums are all formulated to heighten your radiance – NATURALLY.  Feels good. Looks good. IS good!

Maskela | Facemasks for Style

Me wearing Maskela sequin mask

Mask collections by Maskela – Bridal, Silk, Cotton, Satin, Brocades, Sequin, and Couture. Within each, you’ll find patterns, styles, colours, and designs that turn the necessity of wearing a protective mask into a fashion statement. Maskela also has an essential oil mask sanitiser. Easy to tuck into your out-and-about bag, the oil is easy to carry around and freshen up your mask while you explore the town.

Aumnie Active Wear 

Canadian owned active wear comes a brand of clothing for the active modern woman. Yoga, swimming, pilates, aquaspinning, running, or just lounging around the house or pool in high style, Aumnie has what you need to look and FEEL your best whatever your activity. Get up, get going. Get Aumnie!

Sempimimi Jewellery

From an independent jewellery designer in Hong Kong comes a range of one-of-a-kind dangles and baubles to set the hearts of receivers and givers aglow. Promising PIZZAZZ, Sempimimi offers a range of bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces with the POWER of GLAMOUR.

A&Saturday | Creative handmade accessories and apparel

Uniquely created from natural materials, and woven into beautiful patterns and shapes. The bags from A&Saturday inspire the wearers to do their own thing while making a fashion statement. With options to personalize, the woven bags exemplify the materials and creativity of the region while making a universal statement. You’ll love them and love the attention they inspire.

Loaded Gun Kitchen | Singapore’s coolest plant-based cookhouse

Making a big bang with vegetable-based food treats, Loaded Gun Kitchen is the hot new online venue for chips, hummus, veggie burgers, and healthy dips. Let this present be the one most remarked upon and enjoyed. Creatively designed and packaged, gift packs of several Loaded gun products will enchant the eye and pallets of the lucky recipients. Hint: better get one for yourself; you will be mightily tempted to taste-test the gifts.

Rupert and Bird | Eco Beach Towels

Made mainly from recycled plastic bottles, these colourful, practical, cosy towels from Rupert and Bird use garbage to create colourfully fun and lively fabrics that have FUN names like Eucalyptus, Cockatoo, Crab Holes, Calligraphy, Banksia, and Black Kite. What fun! What an idea! And get this – Each purchase contributes to 1% for the Planet. 


So jazzy. So pizzazzy. Truth&All sunglasses make a statement and that statement is, “We are fun, and we are elegant, and we are fashionable, and we are FOR YOU!” With selections for men and women – oh, yeah, you can mix and match, don’t let gender hold you back. Built of sustainable materials and priced so that you can have more than a pair or two. Truth&All may just be the perfect place to do your sunglass shopping from now on. With 19 ranges each with different materials, you are bound t find something that is just right for YOU. This is all about YOU, my friend.

Maria Galland Paris

Unlocking the energy of one’s beautiful skin is what dancer Maria Galland set out to do since funding her company in 1962. Starting with a rejuvenating creme that soon became a cult favourite, the skincare line now encompasses a wide variety of cleansers, treatments, masks and anti-ageing products. Available now in over 50 countries worldwide Maria Galland skincare products are at the forefront of expertise and on the cusp of skin-fashion good sense.


With a mission to change your skin, Jyunka means to change the way your skin feels and the way you feel about your skin. Using vitamin C and L-ascorbic Acid, the products bring a new glow and suppleness to your skin as you age ever-so gracefully. No, it is not a miracle. It is science used to a beautiful purpose – to make you look and feel younger and more radiant. Following the highest standards of safety and excellence, Jyunka is the best quality skincare line for the best quality you.

YeoMama Batiks

YeoMama Batiks

Inspired by the bold batiks of the Far East, YeoMama is a Singapore company that aims to put YOU in the eye-catchingest batik patterns. With bold styles for men, women, and kids (Soooooo Cute!!!), YeoMama has the perfect apparel gift for friends, relations, or YOURSELF. Pick Pink – spread the message – 20% of all proceeds are donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Gifting for a cause! Together we can change lives!!

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